With Google Assistant, customers can now send audio messages to their contacts

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Google Assistant may not be the most popular virtual assistant, but Google is certainly interested in expanding its functionalities, giving preference to the globalization of the app. The Silicon Valley-based company has now announced a new feature for the virtual assistant.

In a blog post, Google announced that users will now be able to send audio messages to contacts using Google Assistant. This will prove useful in scenarios where people are too tired to type on the phone or when for some reason their hands cannot be used to hold a phone. With Google Assistant, the owner can then dictate a message with his or her voice.

According to Google, voice messaging is the modern walkie-talkie and the easiest way to send a quick message to friends and family. The company also hinted that the feature will be available on Android smartphones and that there will be no need to hold down the small microphone icon to record the audio message. The feature will be available in English-speaking countries around the globe and in Brazil, it will also be available in Portuguese.

You can use this feature with the voice command “Hey Google, send an audio message”. The smart wizard will ask you who you want to send an audio message to and what message you want to record. Alternatively, you can say, “Hey Google, send an audio message to Paul saying I’m on the road.

In addition to the audio message feature, Google introduced five other cool ways to use the voice prompting feature of the Google Assistant, including help reading web articles and creating a selfie.


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