T-Mobile’s latest 5G promotion involves the sale of gin and beer

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Editor’s take: T-Mobile is proving that it doesn’t need John Legere at the helm to continue its zany antics. Starting this week, the carrier will offer a new line of gin and beer to help promote its 5G message. Perhaps they should have partnered with Snoop Dogg for the rights to use “Gin and Juice” in their promo video?

The mobile provider has revealed that its 5G rollout is way ahead of schedule – so far, in fact, that they’re celebrating by introducing a new line of alcohol. Yeah, this is for real.

T-Mobile partnered with Heritage Distilling Company to create Ultra Capacity 5Gin. It’s based on Heritage’s Elk Rider Gin and includes “a distinctive combination of botanicals crafted through a special field-to-flask distillation process.” 5Gin contains 47 percent alcohol by volume and will be come in a premium black bottle.

The Un-carrier also teamed with Jones Soda Co. to produce Extended Range 5Ginger Beer, a non-alcoholic brew that’ll be available in traditional six packs.

T-Mobile is no stranger to thinking outside of the box when it comes to marketing 5G. Last year, the carrier joined forces with Betty Crocker to produce a Supercharged 5G cake mix.

Both offerings go on sale June 24 and quantities are limited. Expect to pay $30 for a bottle of 5Gin and $10 for a six pack of 5Ginger, before shipping or taxes.

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