Sabrent launches a 16TB variant of the Rocket XTRM-Q external SSD

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In a nutshell: Sabrent has doubled the storage on its enthusiast-grade XTRM-Q external SSD. The latest model in the series offers up to a massive 16TB capacity that can be enabled by putting its dual 8TB NVMe SSDs in RAID 0. It also supports other storage modes as well as Intel Thunderbolt 3 for up to 2,500MB/s transfer speeds.

Sabrent’s latest 16TB XTRM-Q external SSD is lots of portable, speedy storage for lots of money. The Thunderbolt 3 drive now requires a separate power brick (included in the box) to operate, along with a USB-C (Thunderbolt) cable.

The aluminum enclosure contains 2 x 8TB SSDs that are set to RAID 0 by default for maximizing storage capacity and transfer speeds. It can be configured to run in RAID 1, which slashes storage capacity in half but provides data redundancy, and can also be set up in JBOD/Sequential mode.

Sabrent notes transfer speeds of up to 1,400MB/s for the individual drives and compatibility for Windows and Mac PCs. The drive features LED status indicators for both storage modules, a USB-C (Thunderbolt 3 port), DC plug and a power button – all on one side. The enclosure, meanwhile, has an integrated temperature and health monitoring system and is wrapped in a removable silicone case for added protection.

The XTRM-Q measures 114.3 x 65 x 17.2 mm / 4.5 x 2.56 x 0.68 inches (l x w x h). It’s a pocket and palm-friendly size, but the mobility is hurt somewhat by the separate power brick that you’ll need to carry around with it. Sabrent is currently selling the drive on Amazon for $2,899.

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