How Block Somebody on WhatsApp for iPhone and Android

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WhatsApp connects you to your friends, family, and business through chat and calls. But sometimes it can also be annoying. For example, if distant acquaintances or brands start spamming you with their promotions or sending you useless messages, you can mute or block them. Would you like to know the steps? Let me tell you how you can block someone on WhatsApp for iPhone and Android.

What Hap­pens When You Block Some­one on WhatsApp?

After you block a contact:

WhatsApp does not notify the other party that you blocked it. The messages it sends are never delivered to you! The sender sees only a single check mark. Note: Group chat is not affected. If you and the person you blocked belong to the same WhatsApp group, you will still see the other party’s messages in that will not be able to make audio or video calls with you in person or even in a group call.your profile picture, status, about, online status, last viewed status, etc. will not be visible to the blocked contact.the phone number will remain stored on your cell phone or in your account such as iCloud, Gmail. You can delete it manually if WhatsApp on your device.tap on the person’s chat.tap on their name from above.

whatsapp block

Scroll down and tap on Block Contact. Tap Block to confirm.


To unblock: Follow the steps above and tap Share Contact. You can also open the chat and tap the banner that says “You have blocked this contact”. Tap to unblock the contact. Or type a message to a blocked contact and tap the Send button. A pop-up window appears asking you to unblock the contact. Tap it.

How to Block a Contact Via WhatApp Settings

Open WhatsApp on your device.Tap on Settings. For Android, tap on three-dots icon from top right and choose Settings.Tap on Account → Privacy → Blocked.


Tap on Add New… Next, scroll and tap on the desired contact. You may also search by typing the name. Done! The number is blocked.

add new

To unblock: On iPhone, swipe right to left on the contact and tap on Unblock. You may also tap on Edit and then tap on the red minus buttons next to blocked contacts.


Additionally, tap on a name or number to learn more about it. On the WhatsApp profile screen, scroll down and tap Share Contact.

How to Block an Unknown Number on WhatsApp

By “unknown number” we mean in this context a contact number that is not stored on your phone. When such a person sends you a message, this chat app lets you know that the sender is not your contact.

Below the message, you see three options – Block, Report, Add to Contacts. Tap on Block → Block to easily and immediately prevent all future conversations with that person.


To unblock: Follow the steps shown in the above heading. That is, open WhatsApp Settings → Account → Privacy → Blocked.

Pro Tip: WhatsApp also has a Report option. It is for spam messages. If you tap on it and then choose Report and Block, the entire message history gets deleted.


So if you wanted to take screenshots or screen recordings of the chat as evidence or something like that, make sure you do that first before you decide to report and block.

How to Block Someone in Whatsapp Group Chat on iPhone and Android

If you and a person you blocked belong to the same WhatsApp group, you will both continue to see each other’s messages in the group. It doesn’t matter whether or not their number is stored on your phone. Outside of the shared group, all effects of the block remain. That is, the blocked person cannot see your profile picture, status, about, last seen, online status, call you, send personal messages, etc.

So, from now on, the only way to prevent someone from seeing your group message is to ask the group administrator to remove this participant from the group. Or, even worse, you can leave the group! Finally, it may sound inefficient, but you can create a new WhatsApp group and add everyone except that one person.

Interesting observation: The blocked person sees the messages in a group. However, when you make a group WatsApp call, the blocked contact does not receive notification of the call and is not part of the group call.

Finally, if you want to block the group administrator, here’s how to do it. This will not exclude you from the group or prevent you from sending messages in that group. This only blocks the group administrator at the personal level. Everything else in the group will still work.

Open the group chat in WhatsApp and tap on the group name from the top.Tap on the admin’s name or number.

group chat

Tap Info.Scroll down and tap on Block Contact → Block.

Note: You may also prevent yourself from being added to groups. To do this, tap on Settings inside WhatsApp → Accounts → Privacy → Groups → Nobody. Now, the admin will have the option to invite you to a group privately. You can accept or decline.

How to Know If Someone Has Blocked You on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp continues to block discretely! It does not send notification to the contact that you have been blocked. There is no obvious way to know if someone on WhatsApp blocked you or not. But there are some simple tips and tricks that tell you with almost 100% certainty whether you have been blocked or not. See for yourself.

Signing Off…

This is all you need to know about blocking WhatsApp. I hope this guide has helped you and you have learned a few new things. Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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