Get a free Stadia Premiere Version Bundle (YouTube Premium Members in US/UK)

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YouTube Premium subscribers in the US and UK can claim a free Stadia Premiere Edition bundle. The bundle includes a Stadia controller and a Chromecast Ultra for a total value of $100. They must sign up for Stadia, but do not have to pay for it any further.

Google likes to give away promotional gifts at this time of year. Today the company unveiled what could be one of its most tempting giveaways yet: a free bundle with a Stadia controller and a Chromecast Ultra.

These two items are all you need to start watching the games from the stadium library on your TV.

This offer is only available to individuals with a YouTube Premium subscription in the United States and the United Kingdom. The offer is limited, so we recommend you take advantage of it as soon as possible.

How to claim your Stadia Premiere Edition bundle

You must be a YouTube Premium subscriber residing in the USA/UK. Your YT Premium subscription must have been active on or before November 6, 2020. While signed in to the Google Account associated with your YT Premium subscription, visit this link: You should see a button at the top of the page to take advantage of the free bundle offer. If the button is not displayed, you are not eligible. Click the button and sign up for a stadium account. You must authorize Google to sign you up for a paid stadium membership. Don’t worry, the first month is free, and you can cancel before the first fee and still keep the package. After signing up, you’ll receive an email that looks like the one below. Just wait for the second email with instructions on how to get your package!

youtube premium

With the second email you can add a Stadia Premiere Edition bundle to your shopping cart in the Google Store. You can then proceed to checkout with a zero balance (that’s right, shipping is also free).

If you have a multi-person YouTube Premium Membership, it appears that everyone who participates in this plan can claim free access. However, your mileage here may vary.

Grab your freebie while you can!

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