Fossil Smartwatch Gen 4 Review: (Best Smartwatch For Fitness)

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A Deep Dive Into The Fossil Smartwatch Gen 4

Fossil is an American company that lives up to American standards. Fossil’s focus is to combine the conventional with original designs, creating high quality watches and, more than that, preserving the best of the past while integrating it into today’s lifestyle.
When the clean lines of mid-century meet the modern look of today, the best features become representative of what Fossil strives for. Combining wearability with streamlined design integrated into traditional watches while captured in fresh colors and updated materials, the result is a timeless accessory that will accompany you wherever you go.

These smartwatches are powered by Google’s Wear OS and can sync with iPhone and Android phones. The features supported by Wear OS may vary depending on the platform.

To avoid damage to your watch, use only the included charger. Do not use a USB hub, USB splitter, USB Y-cable, battery pack, or other peripheral devices for charging. These devices should be kept more than 20 cm away from implanted medical devices to minimize the potential for RF interference.

The Fossil Gen 4 Explorist HR includes health and fitness applications as well as other smartwatch features.

Who’s It For?Fossil Smartwatch Gen 4

The Fossil Generation 4 Explorist HR is ideal for those who appreciate the convenience of accessing the many apps related to fitness, social notifications, music, to name a few. If you want to leave your phone behind and still have access to what you need, then this is the smartwatch for you. Its look makes it adaptable for different areas of life in addition to working out.

What We Like About Fossil Smartwatch Gen 4

The traditional look of this watch is stunning and sleek. There are different faces to choose from when you want to change the screen. The functions of the smartwatch are reliable and effective. It easily connects to your phone and is ready to use right out of the box.

Enjoy the day doing what you want without being tied to your phone or wallet. Google Pay lets you make contactless payments by simply swiping the device over the reader.

This watch keeps you up to date on your latest texts, phone calls, calendar, social media, and any other notifications you program into the device so you can conveniently see what’s happening throughout the day without even looking at your phone.

What We Don’t Like About Fossil Smartwatch Gen 4

The battery is not as reliable as advertised. The smartwatch keeps disconnecting from the network, which disrupts smooth operation. The functions are not set up user-friendly when you want to access apps. The software responds too slowly when you ask it to run.


  • Attractive and traditional appearance
  • It feels comfortable to wear and suited for most wrist sizes.
  • Google Fit for fitness activities
  • NFC Google Pay for contactless payment


  • Nothing worked as expected
  • The software is too slow

What’s Included?

Smartwatch, Bedienungsanleitung, USB-Anschluss-Ladegerät, zusätzliche Armbänder, Garantie und Produktregistrierung.

Overview Of Features

A touchscreen fitness tracker, waterproof at 3ATM, that uses Google Fit to record all your workouts and display metrics as needed.

With Google Assistant built in, you’ll have your own personal Google right on your wrist when you need something online. No need to carry your wallet with you when you want to go shopping after your workout. Pay with Google Pay with a flick of your wrist.

Receive smartphone notifications, manage your calendar, control your music, download third-party apps, and customize the face of your watch. With an estimated 24 hours of battery life, you can do a lot with this device without significantly draining the battery.
Fossil Smartwatch generation 4

Review Summary

This smartwatch automatically tracks and measures your heart rate and other metrics while you exercise. Conveniently check your notifications during your workout as they are just a tap/swipe away. Google Assistant gives you access to the information you need, including smart health coaching, so you don’t lose sight of your fitness goals. You can personalize your watch face with any images of your choice. Access any apps through Google Play and use Google Play for purchases.

So much to do in so little time, Fossil streamlines it all in this smartwatch.



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