Fitbit’s leaked Sense and Versa watches may finally have a GPS built in

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Fitbit’s upcoming smart watches Sense and Versa 3 seem to have leaked. Both would include GPS, and the Sense could add an ECG or improved heart rate detection. An Inspire 3 would also improve Fitbit’s basic fitness tracker.

Despite the proposed acquisition by Google, Fitbit may not manufacture its own products. The WinFuture team claims to have leaked details and images of Fitbit Sense, Fitbit Versa 3 and Fitbit Inspire 2 wearables, which may contain some overdue features.

Both the brand new Fitbit Sense and Versa 3 have icons indicating likely support for the built-in GPS. So unlike the Versa 2 and many other Fitbit devices, you can jog or bike without having to take your phone with you for positional data. GPS has been included in the Apple Watch and Galaxy Watch product lines for a long time, but it could still be welcome if you are deep in the Fitbit ecosystem or simply prefer its approach to fitness.

There is also a heart icon on the scythe that indicates it may have ECG support or at least some form of improved heart rate detection. Both watches seem to have heart sensors. The ECG is also not a novelty in the world of smart watches (Apple has had it since 2018), but it would be helpful to detect heart problems.

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Apart from the possible upgrade of the heart monitoring system, the Sense would represent a new, relatively high-quality model series with a metal construction and a more rounded housing. Both this and the Versa 3 would have new, easier ways to change bands.

The features of the Inspire 2 are not available, but it could have a simpler design than the original Inspire and is likely to stay with basic fitness tracking.

There is no mention of release dates or prices for these wearables. However, given that the Versa 2 was released about a year ago, we wouldn’t be shocked if one or more of the rumors about Fitbit’s offering were to surface soon. The company might not get another chance to re-launch products like this one – if Google’s deal passes the official review, Fitbit’s next projects could easily shift the focus.

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